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Our Work

For many years we have been closed to the public as we are a cruelty case boarding centre. This means that the animals which have suffered severe trauma or neglect have come to our centre for treatment and rehabilitation. This can be a lengthy process, and in many cases the animal will be with us for over a year, until their previous owner has been successfully prosecuted for their crime. 

Once the animal arrives at our centre, their new life begins where they receive the best animal care, shown love, kindness and patience by our experienced and knowledgeable team.

Here are just a few animals that we have had the pleasure of helping and uniting them with their perfect match.

Ruby's Story

Ruby - Adoption day

Ruby Came to us in such a sad state. She struggled with kennel life and was very  sad, and she didnt even want to eat. She didnt have much hair at all becuase her skin was poorly, she needed a bath with special shampoo twice a week,

The vets even said that she may never have fur again because she had been left to suffer for so long without treatment before being resuced by the inspectors and then came to our centre.

Ruby improved in no time at all with the correct treatment for her skin condition and given the proper care and attention she derserved. In no time at all, Ruby's perfect match was found for her and now she is living the best life we could wish for her.

Stitch's Story

Stitch had a very poor start to life as his owners thought it was ok to keep him permanently locked up in a crate. 

When Stitch was rescued and came to us, he was completely shut down, and evertything was a new experience to him. He had never experienced walking on grass, or feeling a rain drop on his head. So with a lot of time and patience, our brilliant team of experts helped Stitch to overcome his fears of everything, and he was matched with a wonderful new home. Now stitch is loving life and living it to its fullest, as you can see by his loving smile.

Stitch bachelor
Bella with fur loss on back and tail
Bella now recovered

Bella's Story

Bella was found wandering the streets, and wasn't microchipped, so an RSPCA Animal rescue officer picked her up after a tip off from a local resident. 

Bella had no fur along her back and her tail was completely bald. It was also suspected that she was pregnant. 

After a short time in the foster home, it became clear that she was indeed pregnant, but sadly it was a womb infection called Pyometra. Left untreated, this would have killed Bella, so after a short operation and the right medication she was later deemed fit for rehoming, however Bellas foster home said that she had fitted into their home and lifestyle so well, and they loved her so much, that they couldn't let her go. So Bella has now been adopted by them.

Suzy's Story

Suzie became an internet sensation overnight when a garage spotted her wandering across their forecourt, and immediately alerted the RSPCA Inspectorate. 

Suzie was clearly badly injured as she had a broken front leg and rugby styled socks had been duct taped to each leg.

She was emaciated and clearly hadn't eaten a proper meal for quite some time.

So once the inspector had caught her, she was immediately given treatment at the hospital and then transferred to RSPCA Warrington branch for her recovery and ongoing treatment.

The damage from where the socks had been duct taped was quite severe, and sadly her leg was so badly broken that despite the vet trying everything they could do to save it, they determined that it would have to be amputated. As soon as Suzie recovered from her operation, the staff and volunteers were amazed at just how quickly she recovered and joyfully watched as Suzie was doing zoomies around the paddock. Her leg must have been giving her so much paid, that now the pain had gone, she could really enjoy her new life.

As no one came forward to admit ownership for Suzie, and she had healed mentally and physically, we were then able to find a perfect match for her.

Suzie before amputation

Zak's Story

Zak was rescued from someone who had used him and many other dogs for hunting and killing badgers and other wildlife, which is illegal in this country.

Zak was in a very poor state, and despite having very severe facial injuries, his owner had neglected to get him the proper medical treatment he needed. 

Once Zak had received treatment at the hospital, he was then brought to our branch, where we nurtured him back to health, and before long, we found him his perfect match.

Zak loves the comfortable life he now had with his new owners.

Zak with damage to lower jaw and lips

Your Support

The success of these stories would not have been possible if it wasn't for people just like you, who care enough to donate their time or money to our branch, which helps us to rehabilitate and treat the hundreds of cats or dogs that come through our gates each year. Each animal is unique and brings with it new challenges, however our expert staff and volunteers help each animal back to full health and restore their trust and faith in humans once more.

Remember, we do not get any government funding, or local council funding. All our money comes from public donations only. So do something brilliant today, and help us to help the animals that need it the most by supporting us. Click one of the options below...

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