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Doggy Day Out

We are organising a series of events which is in aid of raising funds for the shelter, to help the animals in our care. People from around the country have previously sponsored Bronson's Doggy day out and he had such a wonderful time.

Bronson the dog arrived at the shelter run by the RSPCA Warrington branch after his needs were sadly neglected by his previous owner.

In most cases, dogs like Bronson will have done nothing wrong. They will likely have shown nothing but love and loyalty to their owners, only to be met with unacceptable cruelty and violence.

In other cases, people who have a dog during lockdown will begin to find that as they go back to work, they no longer have the time to care for their dog properly.

This leads to guilt and to people deciding they can no longer keep their dog.

That is why the work of the RSPCA is so important. Staff take in these animals when no one else would, but the RSPCA Warrington branch cannot do this work alone. They are self-funding and do not get government funding or funds from the national society.

The shelter relies entirely on donations from generous members of the public to keep serving abused and neglected animals.

We will continue to provide special 'Doggy Days Out', however we need your support to continue this valuable work of reintroducing these animals and help them to become used to the outside world once more.

Bronsons Day Out

Thank You So Much For Your Support

It was Bronson’s Sponsored Outing today and here he is clearly excited with all these new sights, sounds and smells. 

Thank you so much for your support and donations which has made a massive difference.

Team Paws

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