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Reasons to adopt from us....

So what makes our centre different from the rest? As we are a small centre with a dedicated team of animal care specialists, all our animals are treated as individuals which means each animal gets the priority care it needs.  

Our staff members know everything there is to know about their designated animal. Each having their own care plan, continuous behaviour assessment, continuous individual health assessment  and dedicated animal care specialist. 

We use positive training methods to gain the best results and help the animal towards their new journey and life. 

From the first day the animal arrives at our centre, we are 100% committed to that animal and finding the perfect matched home. This can often take months, which is a reflection of the depth of abuse the animal has suffered in its previous life. Once at our centre, we believe the animal is embarking on its new life journey and we continue to support that animal for as long as it needs.

Each perfect match application that is received, our dedicated and knowledgeable team will screen out anyone that has circumstances of which will be of detriment to that particular animals needs. This doesn't mean that the applicant will not be able to apply to adopt from us, it just means that the animal they have applied for, is not suited to them and an alternative may be offered.

Once a perfect match has been found, the adoptee embarks on a guided journey through the adoption process and the staff at our centre support and advise where necessary to ensure a smooth transmission for both the animal and the new adopters. You are not on your own!

Our adoption list is always small as we give each animal the time they need to rehabilitate and recover.

Please see below potential Matches to you!

Animals Currently Waiting for their Perfect Match

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