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Dog Hamper Raffle Now Live!

Tickets £2 each entry

Needed: Cat Litter

Please help the cats in our care by donating Wood based Cat Litter.
We use 30Litres of litter every day, and so our supplies are running low.

Donations can be received 10-3 any day of the week. 
Thank You for your support

Show off your best friend (3).png

Scan the QR code to buy tickets for the dog show entry


Dog of the week
Beautiful Bruce! want to know why I'm called that? Read more in Adoptions


Cat of the week
​Caris - Is a bundle of joy who is waiting for her perfect match. To find out more, visit: Adoptions


Fostering Opportunities
​Want to help animals without the direct costs? : Visit our Fostering Page to find out more. Fostering

Visiting by appointment only and as we are always full, we can not accept any Strays or unwanted animals

We have been adopted!

American XL Bullies

Further information can be found here:

As from 31st December 2023, XL Bull breeds will be banned in the UK.

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